Thomas (Tom) Casel

Tom Casel is your premier Las Vegas real estate agent. You are sure to find his extensive knowledge of the Las Vegas Valley and all it’s neighborhoods a great benefit when selecting an area of town to find a home. His understanding of the details that will matter most to you is where he is most valuable.
Tom will take the time to get to know you and what’s most valuable in determining a home location before he provides you with listings that match your criteria. From commute times to schools, nearby shopping, dining and more, Tom is one real estate agent you are sure to enjoy working with, referring friends and family to, and getting to know during your search for your Las Vegas home.
Contact Tom Casel and buy or sell your next home fast.

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Carol (Lynn) Goldstein

Lynn offers the personal touch to real estate you want to find your next home or sell your home in Las Vegas. At Croteau Real Estate Services, Lynn is an agent we know we can rely on. Her ability to market and connect buyers with home listings makes her one of the best real estate agents in the greater Las Vegas Valley.
She works with individual home owners and real estate investors to move properties on and off the market, all while staying in touch with buyers and sellers throughout the process. When you want an agent that you know is working hard for you, Lynn Goldstein is the only agent you need.
Contact Lynn Goldstein about your real estate needs today.

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Sharel Hennessy

(702) 301-2443

Your local area real estate agent, Sharel Hennessy works harder for you than most agents. If you are looking to list your property she goes above and beyond to market your property, show it and to make sure that you receive the best price in the shortest amount of time. For her buyers she takes the time to fit you with the home you want today, and will need in the future.

Contact Sharel Hennessy to buy or sell your next Las Vegas home.

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Ma Hla (Amber) Paing

(702) 927-8207
Amber Paing has worked in buying, listing, selling, and marketing Las Vegas for many years. Her understanding of the way this unique market fluctuates and how to get the best value today and in the future makes her one Croteau Real Estate Services most elite realtors.
With advanced knowledge of the greater Las Vegas valley, she can help guide you to the best real estate decisions for your needs.
Contact Amber Paing today and get started on your next transaction.

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Francine Payne

(702) 813-4277

Francine Payne has been working in the Las Vegas real estate market since it was considered a boomtown. After years of watching this town grow from a small city in the desert to a metropolis Francine is considered a Las Vegas real estate expert.
Her understanding of past and future developments will help you identify the best parts of town to buy your new home or invest in property that will appreciate in the future.
Contact Francine Payne today to start your new home search.

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Tom (Thomas) Payne

(702) 303-0243

Tom Payne is the elite Las Vegas real estate agent with vast knowledge of home buying and selling, investment properties and mortgages. Working in the industry for several decades ensures that Tom understands how to make your dollar go further, and get you the best deals in one of the best real estate markets in the country, Las Vegas.

Agents and investors often seek out Tom’s services as his reputation is unsurpassed, and his abilities are at a level that exceeds most of the elite realtors in the Valley. With his vast network of real estate agents, you are sure to find and sell your listing faster, and gain an insiders perspective into the home buying process.

See what working with a true expert realtor is like. Contact Tom Payne today.

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Carl Reinhart

(714) 404-8020
Shopping for real estate can be time consuming and many new home buyers find that they aren’t very successful searching on their own. Sorting through the MLS can be a challenge so enlist the help of expert real estate agent Carl Reinhart. His experience in home shopping and helping his clients find the home they want is unparallelled.  
Carl will take the knowledge you give him about homes you are searching for and do the shopping and sorting for you.
Find a home with ease, contact Carl Reinhart today.

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Theresa Wang

(702) 338-8509
Theresa Wang is your go-to realtor in Las Vegas to find your next dream home. When it comes to real estate agents that know how to look out for listings and stay up-to-date with homes when they hit the market, no one holds a candle to Theresa.
Her ability to stay in touch with the market and new listings means that you have an opportunity to put in a bid before other buyers even know the home is on the market.
Gain the advantage you need to find the home of your dreams. Contact Theresa Wang today.

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John Morelli

(702) 556-1780
When you want your real estate transaction to go smoothly and quickly, John Morelli is the Las Vegas realtor you should call today. His understanding of how to make the next purchase, sell, or investment for real estate to be completed quickly and with as little stress to you is why his clients not only use him time and time again, but they refer their friends and family to him. John always takes the time to get to know your needs, today and in the future, to search and sort through available real estate.
His network of real estate agents means that your listing is seen by more buyers, getting it off the market faster. A consistent approach to communication means that you won’t be calling him or wondering what’s going on in your transaction. John is a true real estate expert and is sure to create the best real estate experience you have ever had.
Contact John Morelli to list, buy, or invest in Las Vegas real estate,  you’ll be glad you did.

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Nicole Sorrentino

(702) 400-1986

Nicole Sorrentino is Las Vegas’ expert real estate agent when it comes to listing and selling your home. Specializing in finding buyers for your property has made her an elite realtor that people seek out when they are thinking about selling their home. Her vast knowledge of the Las Vegas real estate market gives your property an advantage. You can rest assured that you will receive top level services when Nicole is your listing agent.

Contact Nicole Sorrentino to list, buy, or invest in real estate and find out what it’s like to have an agent that works hard for you.

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Michael Prescott

(702) 817-2911

Michael D Prescott is your local real estate professional. With years of experience as a buyers and sellers agent he gets homes sold faster. Mr. Prescott focuses on finding new home buyers and home buying veterans find the home they will love to live in for years to come.


Families come back to Michael Prescott because they know that he will scour neighborhoods and look at the details on countless properties before suggesting a home to be toured. They also know that their current home can be sold quickly, and developing a selling plan for your home, Mr. Prescott ensures that you are ready to pull the trigger before a for sale sign goes up.


When it comes to knowledge and experience Michael Prescott is the real estate agent home buyers and home sellers prefer in Las Vegas. Call or schedule a meeting today.


Contact Michael Prescott to list, buy, or invest in real estate and find out what it is like to have an agent that is on your team.

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Clinton Montgomery

(702) 327-4962

The Best Choice for Your Realtor

A a Las Vegas resident for over 24 years, Clinton Montgomery knows our unique city and real estate market well. Previously he held a full broker real estate license, he currently holds a broker-salesman license with Croteau Real Estate Services LLC, where he represents both residential and commercial real estate clients. Focusing his experience on the client’s needs he maintains a commitment to guide each transaction through escrow in a courteous, professional and timely manner.

A Different Approach

Holding a multitude of academic achievements including a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A. in finance, Clinton helps his clients think about the financial side of buying, leasing, or selling property. Having an agent with such an extensive financial background means that his approach to helping you buy or sell a home or commercial property is slightly different than that of other agents. He starts first with making certain that you are making a sound financial decision and works within your budget to give you the best possible real estate options.

Contact Clinton Montgomery & Get Started Today.

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