Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

My partners and I flip houses for a living.  We buy properties, fix them up and sell them.  We are Las Vegas Real Estate Agents doing LOCAL deals.  We are not some fly by night sham, or some guys and gals on television trying to sell you a book, and we are definitely NOT asking you to attend a seminar at a local hotel begging you to purchase our “system.”

We are simply a small group of people who got together over twenty years ago and learned how to flip houses.  We have made MILLIONS through the system we developed, especially in the short sale and Trustee Sale arenas.  As you might be aware, the Las Vegas housing market has been one of the best performing in the Unites States these past 12 -24 months.

We are looking for investors to “partner” with.  You provide the funds to invest, and we will provide everything else.  You can be as involved in the process as you want, or you can take a more passive approach.

We are also looking for licensed real agents that are currently working with investors, or know some personally.

We are affiliated with a Las Vegas law firm that specializes in real estate transactions.  This is a benefit to all who participate.

If you are serious about making money in real estate, contact our Corporate Broker:  Thomas (Tom) Payne.  His direct phone line is:  702-303-0243.

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