Investment Properties

Investment Properties

At Croteau Real Estate Services our real estate agents are knowledgeable about the Las Vegas market, and experienced in helping you find an investment property that will fit into your portfolio. We recognize that property investors come in all different shapes and sizes and take the time to understand your needs to find you the best fit for your investment property.

Single Tenant Properties

Some property investors prefer to have a single tenant property, whether it be residential or commercial, and there are plenty of places to choose from in Las Vegas. Stand alone office buildings, residential homes, townhomes and condos are often available that fit in this type of investment property. We can even offer to help you find a property manager if you prefer the hands-off approach to managing tenants.

Multi-Tenant Properties

Other property investors prefer to find a multi-tenant property such as an apartment building, strip mall, or building. In the Las Vegas market that could easily mean finding a lot and building your own, or buying one that has gone up for sale. Regardless of your property investment scenario, having a real estate company like Croteau Real Estate Services at your side will be instrumental in finding a property that can gain you revenues year over year.

Make sure you protect your investment from the beginning. Contact Croteau Real Estate Services today, and speak with an experienced investment property realtor now.

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